Don't Bother...

There's nothing more irritating than going out to a nice, expensive meal and feeling that you could have done better if you'd just stayed home and cooked yourself.

Bad service, cold food, boring preparation... You know what I'm talking about.

It has never been my intention to use this blog to write about restaurants I didn't like. I figured that if I couldn't recommend a restaurant or activity to you, I just wouldn't write about it. No need to dwell on the negative. I wanted to lift up the positive and accentuate those worthwhile places to visit -- those places that are well worth your time and money!

But, in all good conscious, I cannot go without telling you the places and restaurants that I feel are over-rated and a waste of your hard-earned money. These places might actually ruin your evening out and we sure don't want that.

So, I will not go into detail (unless you want me to), but for what it's worth, here is a running list of those places. And I would suggest you --


(We are just getting started with this list. It's a work in progress...)

Restaurants --

13 Coins on International Blvd. at the SeaTac Airport -- Sandwiches and french fries may be a safe choice. Dinners are way over-priced for the quality you get.

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