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We are people like you, who love to discover and rediscover places that enrich us and remind us that life is fun and exciting...

Chihuly's Garden and Glass Exhibition, Seattle
And probably like you, we need to be reminded to get up, get out and go discover something new or rediscover something we haven't visited for awhile... This makes life fun, enriches relationships and gives us those much-needed breaks from our day-to-day routine... 

Lunch at Plum at the Seattle Center Armory
• Maybe it's just a new coffee shop worth visiting or a day trip to an amazing place you've never seen before... 

• Maybe you're planning a visit to the Northwest and want some ideas for those MUST-SEE destinations...  

We search out those worthwhile experiences and show them to you...

So, we hope you'll visit our blog often and discover some wonderful things to eat, do and see that will enrich your life.

The Seattle Aquarium on the Waterfront

Contributing Editor, Jan Peterson Ewen, is a published author, copywriter, musician and theatrical director. She loves working with people of all ages to create enriching and memorable life experiences.

Visit Jan's portfolio:  ewencopywriting.com.


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