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Healthy Food Options at the Flying Apron Cafe Will Not Disappoint!

Stopping in at t he Flying Apron Cafe, Seattle, WA. Let me just say, it was the best cup of brewed coffee I’d had in a long time.   Now, let’s talk about the food and atmosphere. We were looking for an afternoon treat and a little coffee pick-me-up. • A café with a comfortable place to watch the world for a while? That would be an added bonus. The Flying Apron Cafe, Fremont • A menu of sweets and savory offerings that are delicious and made in-house with tremendous care? Even better. Hm, where could we find a café with all these desirable qualities? We were visiting the Fremont area of Seattle on a rainy, spring Saturday afternoon and decided to try the outwardly charming “Flying Apron”. Seattle's only 100% Gluten-Free and Vegan bakery as stated on their website.  Okay, stop! Do not allow your preconceived idea of health food and gluten-free to keep you from reading the rest of this post! Keep going. Look at the pretty pictures. You just

Musician or Not - Dusty Strings, in Fremont, is a Feast for the Eyes and Ears.

An Unexpected Musical Encounter - I thought I was going to be writing a post on a wonderful lunch with my daughter at Jai Thai on Fremont Ave. in Fremont, an eclectically charming neighborhood of Seattle; self-proclaimed “ImagiNation” and Artistic Republic as recognized by the King County Council. And we did have a delicious lunch of Thai food but the restaurant was slightly uninspiring. It was a little worn around the edges, in need of repairs – which was not all bad, except in the ladies room.  But I got the feeling that deep cleaning was not a priority. The food was enjoyable, fresh and reasonably priced but this was perhaps, not a destination restaurant. We left Jai Thai to stroll the inviting neighborhood. My daughter wanted to sample the wares at the “Flying Apron”, a gluten-free coffee shop she had heard about, but we needed to walk off a little Phad See Iew (which was delicious, by the way) before heading into another foodie experience. So, my daughter su

Book 'em - A Used Book Store in Port Orchard Tops the Literary List of Things to Do in Kitsap County!

 I will be the first to admit I am a bookaholic!  I love to read. I remember as a child reading with a flashlight until way past midnight because I was supposed to be sleeping.  My favorite genre has always been Science Fiction. In my later years I have branched out to fantasy, mysteries, and best-selling literature.      When traveling, the first thing I look for in a new town is a bookstore - new or used. I have no interest in chain stores with tens of thousands of books and few clerks, who don’t know the difference between true crime and fiction, let alone science fiction and fantasy.    Book 'em - The Quintessential Used Book Store for Avid Readers.   Upon my arrival to Port Orchard, Washington, I was amazed to find not just a book store in my town but the largest used book store in Kitsap County! That’s right, Book‘em on Bethel Rd. has over 10,000 books lining their shelves.     Picture four rooms with shelves from floor to ceiling filled with bot