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The Coastal Kitchen Restaurant on Capitol Hill

Try the Coastal Kitchen for Fresh Oysters or "Blunch" on Capitol Hill… The Coastal Kitchen in Capitol Hill East. When you think of inland  Seattle restaurants, your first thought may not be  fresh, local seafood, but the  Coastal Kitchen at 429 15th Ave. East  is sure to surprise you.  This popular restaurant is dedicated to  serving our favorite local cuisine.  The Coastal Kitchen describes itself  as having a  “seafood-centric” attitude and is committed to  sustainably-raised and wild-caught fish.   That’s what we like to hear around the Northwest. We’ll go out of our way for conscientious purveyors of deliciously fresh seafood.  And the Coastal Kitchen delivers on our lust for everything sea-related. The Oyster Bar at The Coastal Kitchen.  The newest addition to this comfortable restaurant is the stunning Oyster Bar with its distinctive menu items featuring fresh seafood sourced from local waters and around the country,