Healthy Food Options at the Flying Apron Cafe Will Not Disappoint!

Stopping in at the Flying Apron Cafe, Seattle, WA.

Let me just say, it was the best cup of brewed coffee I’d had in a long time.  
Now, let’s talk about the food and atmosphere.

We were looking for an afternoon treat and a little coffee pick-me-up.

• A café with a comfortable place to watch the world for a while? That would be an added bonus.

The Flying Apron Cafe, Fremont
• A menu of sweets and savory offerings that are delicious and made in-house with tremendous care? Even better.

Hm, where could we find a café with all these desirable qualities?

We were visiting the Fremont area of Seattle on a rainy, spring Saturday afternoon and decided to try the outwardly charming “Flying Apron”. Seattle's only 100% Gluten-Free and Vegan bakery as stated on their website. 

Okay, stop! Do not allow your preconceived idea of health food and gluten-free to keep you from reading the rest of this post! Keep going. Look at the pretty pictures. You just might be surprised at what you find. Did I mention that my cup of coffee was incredibly delicious? Just keep that in mind.

Always eat dessert first!
I am not vegan myself. I tried for a couple of weeks last year, and though I enjoy vegan menus, I was not able to overcome my years of cooking with meat products and enjoying them immensely. But I do enjoy good, healthy food alternatives and scrumptious delights in any form.

The delectable offerings at the 

Flying Apron did not disappoint. 

There were sweets in all varieties and a plethora of fresh lunch entrees, as well.

The Flying Apron website describes it’s fare.

Lunch, anyone?
“The Flying Apron Bakery is Seattle's only 100% Gluten-Free and Vegan bakery.  Our products are created with your good health in mind. They are made using the finest gluten free, vegan ingredients; whole grain wheat free flours and non-hydrogenated oils.  Many of our products are or can be alternatively sweetened using such ingredients as agave, maple syrup or stevia.  We proudly list all of the ingredients above each product in the Flying Apron and on the label of every product that goes out to our partners.” 
The Flying Apron's delicious Ginger Currant Scone.

Sitting at one of the many antique oak tables, nestled by a large window overlooking the bustling street, my friend and I shared a Ginger Currant Scone and a large, yummy Peanut Butter Cookie. Both were deliciously complimented by our fresh, rich, perfectly-brewed coffee. I mentioned the coffee before, right?

Additional menu items that we did not try include such treats as Apple Pie, Apricot Thumbprint Cookies, Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins, Berry Corn Muffins, Berry oat Wondies, Berry Scones, Berry Tea Bisquets, Cardamon Cupcakes with Chai Frosting… well, I think you get the idea. You might want to check out the rest of the menu at the Flying Apron website.

Even the dogs were lining up for the delicious coffee.

The afternoon was waning and the baked good selections were a bit limited. The shop had obviously served a large number of voracious Seattlites that day. All I can say for sure is that we were happy campers after our delicious respite to the Flying Apron. Maybe we'll see you there some afternoon?

There are two locations for the Flying Apron cafes. They are located in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood at 3510 Fremont Ave N and also at the entrance to Redmond Town Center at 16541 Redmond Way.




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