The Coastal Kitchen Restaurant on Capitol Hill

Try the Coastal Kitchen for Fresh Oysters or "Blunch" on Capitol Hill…

The Coastal Kitchen in Capitol Hill East.
When you think of inland 
Seattle restaurants, your first thought may not be 
fresh, local seafood, but the 
Coastal Kitchen at 429 15th Ave. East 
is sure to surprise you. 
This popular restaurant is dedicated to 
serving our favorite local cuisine. 
The Coastal Kitchen describes itself 
as having a 
attitude and is committed to 
sustainably-raised and wild-caught fish. 

That’s what we like to hear around the Northwest. We’ll go out of our way for conscientious purveyors of deliciously fresh seafood. 
And the Coastal Kitchen delivers on our lust for everything sea-related.

The Oyster Bar at The Coastal Kitchen.
 The newest addition to this comfortable restaurant is the stunning Oyster Bar with its distinctive menu items featuring fresh seafood sourced from local waters and around the country, prepared right in front of you, at the bar.
On a recent visit to this popular 
Capitol Hill restaurant, my friend and I found ourselves in the 
“Blunch” mood. 

Served from 8 am – 3 pm, Coastal Kitchen’s Blunch menu offers 
creative breakfast favorites from Gingerbread Pancakes 
to the Dungeness Crab Cakes Breakfast. 
There are so many tempting choices that one visit will definitely not satisfy your culinary curiosity.

The scramble was served with spicy hash browns – an interesting twist on a traditional comfort food. The spicy hash browns offered a very good combination of flavors with the eggs, ham and cheese.

My dining partner ordered a dish we only dream about - Croque-Madame. A griddled brioche with shaved Vande Rose Farms ham and gruyere cheese, topped with two over-easy eggs and citrus-b├ęchamel. 

Croque Madame at the Coastal Kitchen.
If you have ever had the chance to try the original French comfort foods – Croque-Madame and Croque Monsieur – you will know what I mean when I describe these simple, cheesy sandwiches as a taste of pure heaven. The Croque-Madame is a slightly hardier version of the basically cheesy Croque-Monsieur as it is topped 
with two over easy eggs.

My dining friend and I were fortunate enough to enjoy many of these simple, scrumptious sandwiches on a recent gastronomic tour of France. So we were thrilled to see Croque-Madame on the Coastal Kitchen menu and ordered it without hesitation. But that’s where the excitement stopped. 
The Coastal Kitchen version of this dish was a pale impersonator of the original. 

The bar at the Coastal Kitchen in Capitol Hill East.

A Little Disappointing...

We were disappointed that this version had little of the cheesy goodness we longed for. It primarily consisted of griddled brioche with thin layers of gruyere cheese and a citrus-bechamel sauce that was tangier than usual, infusing the dish with a tart lemon flavor that was distracting. 

My advice – steer clear of the Croque-Madame. Try it when you get to France and choose one of the other delicious dishes.

The Coastal Kitchen also has a great Happy Hour from 3pm to 6pm, and 10pm to midnight everyday featuring oysters for $1.25 a shot.

So, don’t hesitate to enjoy the coastal cuisine of this popular inland restaurant. Whether you stop in for their popular Blunch offerings or enjoy their sumptuous dinner menu, the Coastal Kitchen is sure to please your fresh and local palette.


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